All right, let's get this in gear

Getting There

Let's start this exchange with dumb interchanges

October 09, 2006|By MICHAEL DRESSER

Some 4,600 years ago, near the banks of the Nile, man first paved a road. The ancient Egyptians used it to haul three-ton blocks of stone for 7 1/2 miles to build the Pyramids of Giza for the glory of the pharaoh. Travel hasn't changed much since then. It might go a little faster -- at least if you're not trying to cross the Bay Bridge on a Friday evening -- but it's still a drag.

For most of us, a good chunk of our lives is devoted to getting from Point A to Point B. You might do it by car or truck or subway or bus or train or bicycle or plane or water taxi or helicopter. You might even walk now and then.

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