Nfl Week

October 08, 2006|By [Compiled by Tribune Publishing NFL reporters; this week's comments by Melinda Waldrop, Newport News (Va.) Daily Press.]

Team rankings

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Indianapolis (1)

Peyton Manning has as many rushing TDs as Edgerrin James.

2. Chicago (4)

Hey, the Bears have an offense, too.

3. Ravens (5)

Doubt Steve McNair's heart? Nevermore.

4. New England (11)

You still can't handle the sweat shirt.

5. Seattle (3)

The Bears are on the schedule only once.

6. Cincinnati (2)

Those are Tom Brady's headlines, Carson.

7. Denver (7)

A full week to revel in pounding Pats.

8. San Diego (8)

Thirteen points against Ravens is still impressive.

9. Atlanta (12)

Conventionality? Who needs it?

10. Philadelphia (10)

New idea: Get choking done early.

11. Jacksonville (6)

Didn't you used to be a dominating defense?

12. Dallas (17)

Who needs T.O.? Terry Glenn does nicely.

13. New Orleans (13)

The ride had to end sometime.

14. Carolina (15)

Steve Smith being kept forcibly immobile.

15. Pittsburgh (9)

No one ever needed a bye week more than Big Ben.

16. Washington (21)

So this is how the offense works.

17. N.Y. Giants (16)

Eli Manning still inspires faith.

18. St. Louis (20)

First - and best - win was over Denver.

19. Minnesota (14)

Two in a row in wrong direction.

20. N.Y. Jets (18)

As impressive a defeat as you'll see.

21. Buffalo (19)

Welcome to respectability, Mr. Losman.

22. Kansas City (22)

Back-to-back 100 yards games for Larry Johnson.

23. Green Bay (27)

Where there's Favre, there's hope ... kind of.

24. Cleveland (28)

Beating Oakland should not be that difficult.

25. Arizona (24)

How is this team that bad?

26. Tampa Bay (25)

Rare bright spot: Simms out of hospital.

27. Miami (23)

Houston proved Dolphins have a problem.

28. Houston (31)

At last, a win and a Mario Williams sighting.

29. San Francisco (26)

So much for Alex Smith's improvement.

30. Detroit (29)

Here's a guarantee: a loss at Minnesota.

31. Tennessee (30)

No wins and not much class.

32. Oakland (32)

So close, and yet, so far.

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