She's sorry she dissed him

October 08, 2006|By HARRIETTE COLE | HARRIETTE COLE,United Features Syndicate

DEAR HARRIETTE / / About three years ago, I proceeded to date my best friend of many years after he persuaded me to, insisting we would make a great couple.

He had asked me several times before, but I always said "no" fearing that, if things didn't work out, it would ruin our friendship. Just as I predicted, it did ruin our friendship.

We had dated for three months when I broke it off to be with some insignificant guy. It was nothing he did that made me end the relationship; it was on my terms. Now, I find myself missing him constantly.

In the rare times I see him, we greet each other but keep it moving. To make matters worse, I hear he's with a dramatic, mentally unstable girl.

I feel bad about the whole situation, and I want him back. He is the only guy who has ever made me 100 percent happy.

Should I just leave these feelings and my ex-friend / boyfriend alone? Or should I attempt to renew our friendship?

Cassie, Boston

CASSIE / / Did you ever apologize to your "best friend / boyfriend" after dumping him? At the very least, I recommend you let him know how sorry you are that you hurt him.

Have you spent time considering why you left him for "some insignificant guy"? Too often people destroy what could be amazing relationships because they are afraid to go for it. Is this what happened in your case?

If so, say as much. I wouldn't beg for another chance. Instead, ask to meet with him. Extend your hand in friendship and see what happens next.


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