Other Notable Deaths


October 08, 2006

Gary C. Comer, 78, founder of the Lands' End casual clothing company, died of cancer Wednesday in Chicago.

He founded Lands' End in the early 1960s and stepped down as president in 1990.

After 10 years as an advertising copywriter, Mr. Comer started a mail-order sailing equipment business in 1962. He and his partners incorporated Lands' End Yacht Stores a year later in Chicago. In 1986, Lands' End went public.

Gilbert F. White, 94, a geographer whose philosophy of accommodating nature instead of trying to master it had profound effects on policy and environmental thought, died Thursday at his home in Boulder, Colo.

Instead of building dams, levees and other controls that can encourage development in vulnerable areas, he argued, society should reduce risks through steps such as discouraging development. His ideas and advocacy led to the creation of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Mr. White founded the Natural Hazards Research Center at the University of Colorado and was executive editor of Environment magazine from 1983 to 1992. He was awarded the National Medal of Science in 2000.

Mary Orr, 95, an actress and writer whose first short story, about a scheming ingenue named Eve Harrington, became the Oscar-winning film All About Eve, died of pneumonia Sept. 22 in New York City.

Titled "The Wisdom of Eve," Ms. Orr's story appeared in the May 1946 issue of Cosmopolitan. The film version was released in 1950. It starred Bette Davis as the theatrical grande dame Margo Channing and Anne Baxter as Eve. The movie won six Academy Awards.

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