Q&a -- Eric Roberts, John Carroll, Football-soccer

October 08, 2006|By BILL FREE

John Carroll senior Eric Roberts is pulling double duty this fall, playing football and soccer. Roberts said he was "baited into it" by a couple of friends after playing soccer as a freshman and sophomore and football as a junior. He is a kicker on the football team and has converted 12 straight extra-point attempts. Roberts is a defender on the soccer team and has scored two game-winning goals this season, one against Archbishop Curley to hand the Friars their only loss and the other against C. Milton Wright.

What's the most difficult thing about playing two sports in the same season?

Pretty much satisfying both coaches. Sometimes, I'll have a football game at 4 and a soccer game at 6. That's a hard decision to make. Especially if both games are important. I can't really say which sport has a priority.

Do you know of other athletes who do this?

Just the rugby team [club] and track. I don't know of anyone else doing it in the county. My two older brothers did it. One brother, Chris, is a junior at Maryland and kicks off for the football team.

Did you ever take the wrong uniform or equipment with you to football or soccer practice?

Yeah, I get confused sometimes. Like I'll forget my football pads one day and I'll say, `Oh, whatever.' Or practice will get changed and stuff and you don't know what's going on. It's hard to tell sometimes, but you've got to be flexible.

Are those mix-ups frustrating?

Yeah, sometimes. I've needed my mom to run up to school for me. A couple of times I've forgotten my gym shorts or something like that.

What gives you a bigger thrill, scoring a goal in soccer or kicking a long field goal?

Probably a field goal because you have the crowd into it and everything.

Did anybody try to force you into choosing between soccer and football?

None of the coaches try to force me to do anything. ... But I have a lot of friends on both teams who say, `Come on, man, you've got to come to soccer or football.' I'm kind of stuck in between.

What's your biggest field goal?

The 48-yarder to beat Baltimore Lutheran last year. My longest ever was 55 yards in practice.

I understand you've added punting to your busy schedule this season. How's that phase of the game going?

I don't know. It's kind of shaky. But I'll keep on doing it.

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