Harford History

October 08, 2006

Joppa, the county seat from 1709 to 1768, was a prosperous port on the Little Gunpowder Falls through which manufactured goods arrived in Maryland and corn and tobacco were exported. About 1,000 residents lived in a community that included nearly 50 homes, two prisons, a courthouse, a church, warehouses, wharves, inns, stores and workshops.

The industrious residents also knew how to have fun. On Oct. 11, 1750, a horse race was run, with the winner receiving a purse of 20 gold pistoles. Any horse, mare or gelding, could be entered on the day before the race for a fee of one shilling. The winners of races held Oct. 12 and 13 could claim 10 or six pounds each.

"Celebrations of various types were held. Public morals were well preserved but liquor was in abundance and the whipping post and gallows were used as a deterrent of crime."[ Source: Our Harford Heritage by C. Milton Wright]

Research by Harford County Public Library

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