Elementary pupils offered flu vaccine

October 08, 2006

The Carroll County Public Schools and Carroll County Health Department will provide a free FDA-approved nasal influenza vaccine to all eligible public school elementary pupils.

The vaccine will be administered by nurses in elementary schools as follows: Oct. 16, Cranberry Station, Friendship Valley, Robert Moton, Westminster, William Winchester; Oct. 17, Charles Carroll, Elmer Wolfe, Runnymede, Taneytown; Oct. 18, Hampstead, Manchester, Sandymount, Spring Garden; Oct. 19, Linton Springs, Mount Airy, Parr's Ridge, Winfield; Oct. 23, Carrolltowne, Eldersburg, Freedom, Mechanicsville, Piney Ridge.

Pupils who are absent or unable to receive the vaccine on the scheduled date can get it at the Health Department.

Those younger than 9 years old who have never received the vaccine will receive a second dose in December.

Flu vaccine consent forms and information sheets explaining the risks and side effects of the vaccine will be sent home to parents. Pupils eligible for the vaccine must be in good health and meet the following: at least 5 years old; no medically significant chronic or long-term illness or immune system problem; no history of severe allergy to egg products; not receiving medicine containing aspirin; no past history of Guillain-Barre syndrome; no previous allergic reaction to nasal flu vaccine; not scheduled to receive any vaccines for the month after vaccination; not living with anyone who has severe immune problems because of bone-marrow transplantation, intense chemotherapy or advanced AIDS/HIV infection.

Information: 410-751-3127 or Carroll County Health Department, 410-876-4926.

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