Trying to capture tragedy


October 08, 2006|By Lloyd Fox | Lloyd Fox,Sun Staff

It was the night of the shooting at the Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pa., where five young Amish children were killed by a gunman.

The media had been kept about a quarter-mile from the school while the investigation was under way. Around 9 p.m. the Pennsylvania State Police escorted us down to the school after the police were finished for the night.

I shot several pictures of the school, which was still being lit by a portable light. A few Amish men walked down to the school when police opened the road and I began trying to capture a silhouette of the Amish with the school as a background as they talked to one another.

After I shot many frames trying to get the right exposure and composition while keeping the image from blurring from the slow shutter speed, I was able to make a few pictures that worked well before the police escorted us back away from the school.

This was the image I chose to send back to the paper.

A portfolio of other images taken by Sun photographers covering the Amish school shooting can be seen at

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