Child dies of bacterial meningitis

October 07, 2006|By Josh Mitchell | Josh Mitchell,sun reporter

Fatality prompts precautions at Perry Hall day care center A young child died of bacterial meningitis Thursday in Baltimore County, prompting health officials to take precautions at a day care center.

The case does not appear to be part of an outbreak, said Dr. Pierre Vigilance, the county's health officer. The child died at a hospital in the county.

Vigilance declined to identify the child or the day care center, pointing to confidentiality laws.

"This particular [type of meningitis] is not one that causes us the level of concern that other types might," Vigilance said.

The health officer said officials have advised parents at the day care center to make sure their children's immunizations are up to date.

The child attended the White Marsh Child Care Center on Winding Way in Perry Hall, according to a director of a separate facility operated by the center.

All of the center's facilities have been wiped down with bleach, said the director, Donna Tremper. "We literally have scrubbed everything, from windows to carpets to floors," she said. She added that employees have been trying to make sure that children wash their hands after they wipe their noses.

The county recorded five cases of meningitis, including one that was fatal, in 2005, Vigilance said. He said he believes this is the first fatal case this year.

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