Lewis plus Thomas plus Scott add up to Voltron, super robot

October 06, 2006|By PETER SCHMUCK

Linebacker Bart Scott is one of the big reasons the Ravens are one of three remaining undefeated teams in the NFL, and now we know it's because he and fellow starting linebackers Ray Lewis and Adalius Thomas have fashioned themselves after Japanese cartoon super robots.

I'm not making this up. Scott was describing the differing personalities of the team's linebacking triumvirate - Lewis is the leader, Thomas is the dominating all-around athlete who can play any position and Scott is the "crazy" one - when he suddenly tried to sum up the way they work together.

"Together, we're like Voltron, man," Scott said. "You put us all together and we come together and we're complete. Apart, we've got our specialties, but together we're a pretty cohesive group."

The reference is to the 1980s-vintage cartoon series Voltron: Defender of the Universe, which is about a group of robots that have the ability to join together to form a single super robot. It was a Japanese series that debuted in the United States in 1984 and became an instant hit with American kids.

Personally, I'm from the Gigantor and Speed Racer era, so I really can't relate.

What are the odds?

The Ravens have been posted by the oddsmakers as a four-point underdog for Monday night's game at Denver, which is just fine with Lewis, who doesn't mind sneaking up on an opponent.

"I don't mean to keep bringing up 2000," he said, "but we were not picked one week to win the game."

The us-against-the-world approach is a timeless NFL standard, but let's not get carried away. The Ravens have been favored in two of their first four games this year ... and they were favored several times during the 2000 season.

Don't want to brag (well, actually I do), but I'm 4-0 this season picking against the spread in games involving the Ravens. If you want to know how I feel about Monday night, you'll have to wait and read my Sunday picks column.

Run, Miggy, run

Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo conceded in a radio interview Wednesday night that he needs to persuade shortstop Miguel Tejada to run out routine ground balls.

"Do I need to get Miguel to run a little bit harder? Absolutely," Perlozzo told WBAL's Steve Davis. "This is not a malicious man. He isn't feeling any evil things. He's frustrated, and I have to get to him."

Perlozzo was quick to point out that everyone on the team was frustrated by the Orioles' poor performance this year, and everyone needs to reach down inside and take responsibility for changing things.

"Anybody on this team - and I mean anybody, not just Miguel - who doesn't do anything like that is a reflection on the rest of the club," Perlozzo said. "We have to be better at that."

Damp Yankees

The Detroit Tigers had to be wondering what was going on Wednesday night when it appeared that the rain had let up at Yankee Stadium. Pitcher Justin Verlander headed to the bullpen and started to warm up, believing the game was going to be played. Nobody from the Yankees came back onto the field, so they apparently knew that it was going to be postponed.

Conspiracy Guy probably thinks the Yankees did that on purpose to try to disrupt Verlander for yesterday's game, but the Yankees had no say over whether the game would be played. During the postseason, those decisions are made by league officials.

In-and-out privileges

It has reached the point where I almost feel sorry for Greg Anderson, the renegade personal trainer who was imprisoned for four months for distributing anabolic steroids. Anderson has since been imprisoned two more times for refusing to testify against Barry Bonds. His most recent stay in the clink ended yesterday when a judge ordered him released on a technicality.

Chances are, he'll be sent back for a fourth stay as soon as the BALCO prosecutors reword the contempt order.

The whole thing would be a lot simpler if the warden would just give him a key and a parking space.

No laughing matter

Even SportsPickle.com, the sports humor site on the Web, won't let up on the O's, if this week's funny headline is any indication: Orioles to make half-hearted effort to sign Alfonso Soriano.


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