Miami Herald publisher quits over conflict-of-interest firings


October 04, 2006|By South Florida Sun-Sentinel

MIAMI -- Miami Herald Publisher Jesus Diaz Jr. resigned yesterday after weeks of intense criticism from the Cuban-American community that he wrongly fired two reporters at the Herald's Spanish-language sister paper for accepting tens of thousands of dollars from the government to appear on Radio and TV Marti.

Although Diaz said in a statement that he believes the money El Nuevo Herald writers received from federally funded Radio and TV Marti violated principles of journalistic independence, he announced that the writers would be reinstated because "policies prohibiting such behavior were ambiguously communicated, inconsistently applied and widely misunderstood over many years."

The McClatchy Co., which owns The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, named longtime Herald employee David Landsberg as publisher of both newspapers. Diaz said the company would rigorously enforce conflict-of-interest policies and require reporters to obtain written permission for paid and unpaid outside journalistic work.

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