Suspended city officer ordered held after brief car chase, arrest

October 04, 2006|By Sun report

A city police officer was ordered held on $350,000 bail yesterday after having been charged with speeding through a red light in North Baltimore, leading an officer on a brief chase and having a loaded handgun in the car, according to city prosecutors.

Jemini Jones, 29, was out on bail on two separate rape charges and had been suspended from the force in December.

He had been stripped of his gun, making it illegal for him to have a weapon, prosecutors said.

Police charged Jones with numerous traffic citations, eluding police and handgun violations stemming from his arrest. His bail was set yesterday by a District Court judge at the Central Booking and Intake Center.

Northern District Officer Curtis N. Brown wrote in charging documents filed in court that he saw a black Nissan 350Z speed through a red light at East 33rd and Frisby streets shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday.

The report says the driver shut off the lights, turned onto several streets and stopped in an alley, where he was arrested.

Police said the officer found a black CD case containing a .40-caliber Ruger handgun with one round in the chamber and eight rounds in the magazine.

Jones' lawyer, Warren A. Brown, said his client disputes the police version of events and said Jones pulled over as soon as he saw the flashing lights.

Brown said the gun was owned and registered to Jones' brother, who had recently moved out of state. He said the brother left the gun behind because he didn't want to carry it across state lines.

In January, Jones was charged with forcing a woman he had brought to the station house in handcuffs to have sex in an office in exchange for not pressing criminal charges. In May, Jones was indicted on charges of raping a woman in a home he was searching. His trial is pending.

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