Food for kids, advice for adults


October 04, 2006|By Liz Atwood | Liz Atwood,Sun reporter

The Family Kitchen

By Debra Ponzek

Lunch Lessons

By Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes

Collins / 2006 / $22.95

Take the title literally. Most of this book is devoted to treatises on the poor state of children's nutrition in this country, the dangers posed by junk-food marketing and the importance of local organic foods.

More than halfway into the book, you'll come to the recipes, which are healthful, although not especially kid-friendly. It's one thing to entice the kids with the apple-nut bars and quite another to offer brown rice and tofu salad.

Some readers will find the shrill tone of the book too annoying to bother with, while others will be roused to take action to ensure the food their children are eating is healthful. Others may just turn to the recipes, which come with nutritional information.


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