Dark revelations again put cloud over Orioles

October 01, 2006|By RICK MAESE

Ever since Rafael Palmeiro packed his bats and syringes and left town, the Orioles have opened their shutters every morning waiting for that ominous dark cloud to disappear. We know now that it hasn't. That Palmeiro might have been just the tip of an enormous iceberg, the bigger evil lurking beneath the surface. That instead of dissipating, the dark cloud is dropping everything it can onto a franchise - a whole sport, really - with no umbrella.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, some of the city's most beloved players from recent seasons have been linked to anabolic steroids, fingered by a former teammate who talked to federal investigators.

3 O'S ACCUSED Tejada, Gibbons, Roberts used steroids, ex-teammate reportedly says. PG 1A

Rick Maese -- Points After

Jordan envy -- Is it just me or is Peyton Manning in every single commercial televised during Sunday NFL games? One league source even suggests that Manning just might be the guy wearing the Burger King costume.

Do you hear me now? -- If you were wondering how ESPN had all that available airtime to turn into a 24-7 Terrell Owens network last week, we learned the reason late Thursday morning: The network has pulled the plug on its failed ESPN Mobile campaign. I don't have the exact numbers, but it sure seemed like ads for the cell service accounted for about 50 percent of network programming. Let's just hope T.O. coverage isn't in ESPN's permanent replacement plan.

King of the throne -- The World Chess Championships were indefinitely postponed because one player was taking too many bathroom breaks - as many as 50 a game - leading his opponent to levy serious cheating charges.

I don't know what the fuss is all about. Ever tried sitting next to Peter Schmuck during a Ravens game?

Some things never change -- Ten years ago last week, Ken Rosenthal wrote this in The Sun: "Once, this was a football town; now, it is a baseball town. Baltimore can support both sports. But the Ravens face unique obstacles in trying to gain acceptance, and the Orioles are making their task that much more difficult."

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