Mary Ann Campanella

October 01, 2006|By LYNN ANDERSON

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As president of the Little Italy Community Organization, she rallied residents who were upset about a late-night dance party held at Velleggia's restaurant, which is being sold for $1.8 million to Terry Lee Coffman Jr., a local real estate investor.


She is a retired federal worker and business owner. She was recruited by the federal government when she graduated from Seton High School in 1959 at the age of 17, and held various positions with the Social Security Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs until 1979, when she started working full time for her husband Gino's tile and marble business. The couple turned over the business to an employee in 1990.


She was born and raised in the house on South High Street that her grandfather bought in 1918 when he emigrated to the U.S. from the Marche region of Italy. When she married, she settled "only 100 feet away" on Albemarle Street. She moved back to her family's home in 1998 after her parents died. She is famous for her homemade Italian "Easter pies," a sort of calzone with five meats, five cheeses, and hard-boiled eggs inside.


"Little Italy is the crown jewel of Baltimore. I have been saying that for a long time and other people have agreed with me. Little Italy has been around for 100 years and we have tried to keep it stabilized with a culture of friendliness, good food, churches and festivals. I think we have done a good job."

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