Letters to the Editor


October 01, 2006

Press bias shows in executive race

The bias of the press in the race for Howard County executive hit a new high in Larry Carson's Friday, Sept. 22, column.

That column was headlined "Ulman Speaks Out Against Zoning" and goes on to report that the Democrat is now considering favoring an independent zoning board. Steve Wallis, the independent candidate, was the first to propose that the zoning board be depoliticized when it drew applause at the COPE forum June 12. At that time, Carson did not even mention it in his column covering that forum. Now that a candidate from a major political party mentions it, it is not only reported on, it becomes a headline.

Carson did credit Steve Wallis with first proposing it, but one had to read to the end of the column to see that.

It is tough enough running against the major party machines, big money, big signs, multiple mailings and TV commercials, but all that is to be expected when running a grass-roots campaign as an independent.

One shouldn't have to run against the press as well.

Elaine Wallis

The writer is the wife of the independent candidate for county executive.

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