Views on growth to help Democrat


October 01, 2006

In Carroll County, the race for county commissioner slots is usually decided in the Republican primary. But this year might be different.

The usual bitter fight between the pro-growth and slow-growth Republican factions was won convincingly by the slow growth group in the 2004 primary.

This time the well-heeled pro-growthers managed to land a slot on the Republican ticket for attorney Michael Zimmer.

Unfortunately for his candidacy, Mr. Zimmer, who has no record of public service, was reprimanded by the Grievance Committee of the Maryland State Bar in 2003. And he is allied with the proponents of residential growth, the minority group among Republicans.

If elected, he and the two incumbents will be in continual combat over growth and related issues.

These facts have focused attention on Democratic candidate Dennis E. Beard, who is being touted as the anti-Zimmer. Beard has strong support in Eldersburg and was active for years in the volunteer fire system in Carroll.

The majority of Carroll Countians will do anything to stop uncontrolled residential growth, perhaps even vote for a Democrat. The race will be close.

John Culleton Eldersburg

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