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October 01, 2006|By BILL FREE

Francis Scott Key senior quarterback Chris Kolb threw a 75-yard touchdown pass, returned a punt 54 yards for a touchdown and ran 4 yards for a touchdown Sept. 22, leading the Class 2A Eagles to what was considered a major 49-42 upset of Class 3A Westminster. Kolb finished with 203 yards passing on eight completions in 14 attempts, giving Key its third victory over the Owls in the past four years.

What's more exciting for you, returning a punt 54 yards for a score or throwing a 75-yard touchdown pass?

That's a hard question. I guess whatever helps the team more at that point in time. For that game, I'd say the punt return was pretty exciting because it was right before the half [giving Key a 35-7 lead over Westminster].

Why do you think Key (2-1) has caught up and possibly passed Westminster in football?

I'd say the coaching staff. Coach [John] Baugher [who was replaced by Bill Hyson this season] did a great job turning the program around before he went to Winters Mill this year to be an assistant principal. Ever since then, Francis Scott Key has been a pretty good football team.

Did the win over Westminster change your team's outlook any on the season?

In a way. We knew they were a tough team to beat, and they were undefeated (2-0) when they came here. This definitely gives us a lot of confidence, especially against the other teams in the county. Westminster was supposed to be the powerhouse.

How did the Westminster win rank on your scale of importance?

That was a good one. A great confidence booster. It felt good to get revenge for last year's loss to them. They were really good last year.

What colleges are you most interested in right now?

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it. I'm basically looking around at a couple different ones. I like Lehigh University right now, and I like the sound of Bridgewater.

Did you always want to be a quarterback?

Actually, my first year they had tryouts [midget] when I was in the sixth grade, and that's where they put me, and ever since then that's where I've been. I have no idea what they wanted me to be. I like it. It's a good spot for me.

How did you develop such an outstanding presence on the field?

Through experience, playing the sport for six or seven years. I guess I just love the sport.

How important is your youth group in your life?

It's extremely important. My centers and receivers and a couple of other guys from the football team, we all go over there and just get together and hang out. We talk about God and give him thanks for the game. It helps me a lot. I really think God has a lot to do with what happens on the field on Fridays. I give him a lot of the credit. It's a program we call Young Life. It's pretty much nationwide.

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