Letters to the Editor

October 01, 2006

More Democrats in county GOP

In response to Mr. Earnshaw's letter of September 17, 2006 ("Harford GOP has too few true members"), I can understand why Mr. Earnshaw wants to leave the GOP and become an Independent. James Reilly, current Republican Clerk of Court, lost two bids for a powerful position on the Harford County Democratic Central Committee (in 1990 and 1994).

Apparently Republicans don't have the same remarkable memory attributed to their pachyderm mascot, forgetting that Reilly, who just several years before aspired to lead the local Democratic Party, proceeded to dump a significant amount of money into his campaign coffers.

He has now embarrassed himself and the GOP by abandoning his duties at the Court House during the day to teach basic computer classes at Harford Community College. If I belonged to such a political party, I would want to leave, too.

Jeffrey K. Sawyer

The writer is a trustee at Harford Community College.

Fisher to stay out of executive race

I have decided not to run as a write-in candidate for Harford County executive. This was a difficult decision. However I am a realist. My evaluation shows that I would need approximately $10,000 to $15,000 within the next 2 weeks to mount an effective campaign.

Since I did not use "voter vault" to target likely Republican voters, I talked to all citizens of Harford County equally, there may be an additional 4,000 supporters who couldn't vote for me in the primary election. Even with this assumption, I would still need to get 50 percent of all the additional voters who come to the general election. That is unlikely.

I would like to thank all of the 4,282 people who had the confidence to vote for me, and all those who may have been waiting to vote for me in the general election. I would like to encourage all those who have thought about running for office to get out and try it. I think I have shown that it does not take a lot of money to run a campaign.

In the words of Fran with Harford's Heart, "every citizen - has the right (and possibly the obligation) to try to point out concerns that they feel the governing officials should address. By bringing these issues to the attention of their fellow citizens as well as the attention of the County government - one is not just exercising their Right as a citizen, they are also fulfilling their Obligation to BE a `good citizen' and to take responsibility for their place as a member of a free society."

The best part of my campaign has been the people I met, the newfound friends, and the thought that I could really make a difference in people's lives, and change things for the better.

I will keep my site up, as "The Harford County Watchdog" to make sure that whoever wins will spend our money wisely. Feel free to e-mail me at votemarkfisher@yahoo.com with important information and concerns you have regarding our government in the future.

A few parting thoughts for my former opponents:

David Craig is planning a new office building for his office while we have children in school trailers. That is the wrong use of our money right now. I would find a lower cost alternative. Even if it meant I would have to work out of a trailer until all school trailers are gone.

I like that Ann Helton is helping to revitalize the Route 40 corridor and preserve our natural resources, but I would like to know more about her detailed plan for dealing with crime, drugs, overcrowded schools, and underperforming schools. I'd also ask David Craig what are the details of his plan for dealing with the above issues.

Again, I would like to thank all those who supported me and to remind all voters that our government should be of the people, for the people and by the people of Harford County.

Let's remind whoever wins this election that they work for all the citizens of this county and will be held accountable to supply the solutions, and for every penny they spend.

Mark Fisher

The writer was a Republican candidate for county executive in the primary election.

Kreamer thanks her supporters

I am very grateful to the Democrats of Harford County for returning me to the Central Committee for a third term.

I have spurred the committee to raise sufficient funds to conduct a poll, available to all of our candidates, to develop a precinct organization and to recruit candidates for office. I have advised candidates for office and participated in the state party efforts, including the Executive and Bylaws committees and the Women's Leadership Network.

The Democratic Party in Harford County invites residents to join us. We want citizens of every race, gender, creed and ethnicity to register and vote for Democratic candidates. Our party has historically helped people to realize the American dream through food and drug regulation, nutrition and health programs, better public education, higher education access, affordable housing, well-equipped national defense and Social Security. We have been the party of equal opportunity and voting rights.

This morning I received congratulations from my son, Nathaniel, a Navy lieutenant stationed in Afghanistan. When I write to him of everyday life here in Harford County, I thank him for what he and those deployed with him are doing to protect the American way of life.

When I challenge the charter violations of the big Aberdeen tax increase, help voters denied the ballot on primary day and work for candidates who will carry the ideals of the Democratic party to Bel Air, Annapolis and Washington, protecting the American way of life is what I am trying to do as well. Please let me know what you want the Democratic Party to work on in the future.

Barbara Osborn Kreamer


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