See Don run? Run, Don, run


September 29, 2006|By LAURA VOZZELLA

Ever since Democrats voted William Donald Schaefer out of a job, the rumor mill has been trying to hook him up with a new one. The latest alleged gig: Baltimore City school board member.

No comments all around from everyone involved in the complicated appointment process. (The state school board vets applications and sends them to the governor and mayor, who have joint appointment power.)

But there are no comments, and then there are no comments. One of the more interesting ones came from Henry Fawell, a spokesman for Gov. Robert Ehrlich. Fawell told The Sun's Sara Neufeld that the governor is soliciting "a number of highly qualified individuals who want to turn around a dysfunctional school system. There are a lot of names tossed out, and we couldn't possibly comment on each and every one of them."

As if a Schaefer on the list wouldn't stand out!

Schaefer spokesman Mike Golden said he could neither confirm nor deny the rumor. But Golden was willing to stamp out another story, that Anne McCarthy would step aside and allow Schaefer to run for re-election as a Republican.

"I would rule that out," Golden said.

McCarthy confirmed that her campaign was going forward. She told The Sun's Michael Dresser: "That ship has left the dock."

Gee, he was here just a minute ago

Reporters kept calling the office of Albert Wynn the other day, wanting to know if it was true: Was the congressman going to tour Prince George's County with Michael Steele and the top U.S. General Services Administration official, Lurita Doan? The purpose of Steele's tour was to scout out potential federal office space.

Unless you're a Prince George's landlord, why is that exciting? Because the tour was to take place the same day Ben Cardin was appearing at a College Park rally with Barack Obama and Kweisi Mfume.

Could the GSA field trip be construed as Wynn's tacit endorsement of Steele?

Maybe it would have been - if Wynn, who would like to see more federal offices set up shop in his district, had actually accepted Steele's invitation to tag along. But Wynn declined, spokesman Alon Kupferman said.

So where was Wynn? According to Kupferman, at the Cardin rally and Capitol Hill.

That didn't stop Steele's Annapolis staff from calling a Washington Times reporter Wednesday to say Wynn would be there, according to the Times' Insider Politics blog. Reporter Jon Ward arrived late and was told he'd just missed Wynn, who had to cut out early to vote on Capitol Hill, the blog said.

Said Steele spokesman Bryon Johnston: "My understanding was he was invited and hoped that he would be able to attend and unfortunately he wasn't."

What about that just-missed-him part?

"I can't speak to that," Johnston said. "I wasn't there."

Maybe the fondue pot will come later

Anybody who has ever thrown a wedding knows what a headache it is when guests don't send back their reply cards. As their big event at Martin's West drew near, Mel Tansill of Catonsville and Paulette Rebich of Owings Mills still hadn't heard from one couple. But they understood. George and Laura Bush are busy.

They'd invited the Bushes because the leader of the world's only remaining superpower took a surprising interest in their romance when Tansill met the president in March. Bush was making an appearance at a Silver Spring retirement community. Tansill works for the company that manages it.

When Tansill had a chance to shake Bush's hand, he mentioned that he'd given up his regular lunch date with his sweetie to be there. Bush scribbled out a presidential pardon - "Paulette, Please excuse Mel. Best wishes, George Bush" - and went on to chat up Tansill about their relationship.

So when Tansill and Rebich decided to tie the knot, they sent an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. No reply. Until yesterday, when a note arrived on embossed White House stationery.

"Congratulations to you both on this wonderful day," it began. It was signed by George and Laura Bush.

Connect the dots

Martin O'Malley, Jim Smith and Precious II - successor to Precious the Skateboarding Dog - will appear at the Eastern Yacht Club in eastern Baltimore County from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday for a "friend-raiser." Just in case those political stars can't compete with the Ravens, there will be big-screen TVs, too. "We're trying to cover all the bases," says organizer Don Crockett. ... No wonder the Ehrlich and O'Malley campaigns can't agree on debates. Bo Harmon's letter to Josh White refers to "WMDT/Channel 16 in Salisbury." White's letter back refers to "WMDT 47 in Salisbury." That debate point goes to White. ... Obama told the College Park crowd that Mfume inspired him. "I said, `Look at that man. He talks so good. He is smart. He is smooth. And his name's as hard to pronounce as mine."

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