Marbury to visit Eastpoint Mall promoting low-cost shoes, gear

September 28, 2006|By David Steele

Stephon Marbury calls the tour that comes to Eastpoint Mall this afternoon the Starbury Movement Tour, because he wants the basketball shoes and clothing he is promoting to clear a path to a new way of marketing and selling such popular gear to lower-income buyers.

"To really be honest, this is a people story more than a basketball story," Marbury, the New York Knicks guard, said by phone yesterday. "For us, we don't see it in that [basketball] sense; we see it as being a movement for the people ... a movement for the people who want to have shoes and gear they can afford. It's groundbreaking."

On the 24-city tour, Marbury is pushing his shoe line in which the top model, the Starbury One, retails for $14.98, with the rest of the models at less than $10. Jackets, jeans, jerseys and other apparel carry similar prices. Marbury insists that his shoes, which he plans to wear in games this season, are exactly the same as the ones marketed and sold by the leading brands for 10 times as much. Shoe industry analysts have supported his claim.

"We've put people in the situation where they can go get the shoes, buy the product, and not feel like they're being held hostage," said Marbury, who added that visiting Baltimore again will be nostalgic, since he played in the Charm City Classic as a Brooklyn high school senior in 1995.

Marbury is near the end of a monthlong tour to cities with Steve and Barry's stores, the New York-based franchise with whom he is partnering in this venture.

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