Lindsay Luzader

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Annapolis Area Christian School, volleyball

September 27, 2006

Lindsay Luzader is a three-year starter for the Annapolis Area Christian volleyball team. The 5-foot-8 senior outside hitter brings strength, experience and leadership to the Eagles, who play in the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland C Conference. Luzader, who carries a 3.5 grade point average, also plays on the basketball team.

When did you start playing volleyball?

I started volleyball my sophomore year and made varsity. And I've played ever since then. I thought it looked like fun and I had been playing basketball since I was little. I thought it would be a good sport to stay in shape ... before basketball. Basketball was my main sport, but I've learned to love volleyball even more.

Which sport do you hope to play in college?

I'm thinking about volleyball. I've been going to volleyball camps every summer, trying to improve my skills, like jumping higher to get my hits down more. Basically, I can improve all over.

What else are you involved in at school?

I used to be in student government but got out of that. I went on a student leadership conference last year, and I'm planning on going again. I also got chosen for the yearbook staff.

What's been the difference in this year's team (off to 5-1 start) and last year's (10-7 finish)?

Last year was kind of like a new year for us, since we had only one senior and she was new to the team. We were kind of developing our team. This year we've come back with practically the exact same team and we've learned to work well together. I've learned a lot from [head coach Marianne Graham], and the experience has been a lot of fun, and I've really enjoyed the sport.

Did you do anything special this past summer?

Not really. We usually go to California and stuff like that, and I usually go on a missions trip, but this summer we found out my mom [Ann] had cancer. So we kind of stayed around helping her through the whole situation.

How is she doing?

She is doing extremely well and is cancer-free for now and is healing. She held up very well through it all, and we're really happy for her.

Do you have a favorite book or movie?

We just got done reading Frankenstein in school, so that's what I've been focusing on. I haven't read any other books recently. I don't see many movies because I've been focusing on volleyball and school.

What are your plans for the future?

I've looked a lot into merchandising. I want to be one of those people who go in and buy and order different things for department stores, and I also plan to go to school in New York [NYU] if volleyball doesn't work out. Or I might go to Anne Arundel Community College and get ahead before going to a university."

Pat O'Malley

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