Socking it to them


September 24, 2006|By Candus Thomson | Candus Thomson,SUN REPORTER

Sad to say, the decreasing fall temperatures means fewer days of going without socks. But while toes will no longer be wiggling free, there's nothing to say that they can't be contented.

Ullfrotte Original, a Swedish company, makes terrific socks out of merino wool terry cloth. The 200-gram socks are perfect for everyday wear. This year, I took just four pairs to get me through a three-week assignment in northern Italy for the Winter Olympics. After a sink washing, they were ready - and fluffy - to wear the next day.

For alpine skiing and sliding events, I wore the 600-gram variety and my feet stayed toasty. There's also an 800-gram sock for hunters who sit for hours in tree stands or anglers who switch to ice fishing.

And when things get colder around here, it's good to know that Ullfrotte makes dandy long johns, too.

The U.S distributor is Gransfors Bruks Inc. (800-433-2863 or

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