Nfl Week

Team rankings

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

September 24, 2006|By [Compiled by Tribune Publishing NFL reporters; this week's comments by John Altavilla, Hartford Courant.]

1. Indianapolis (2)

That Peyton Manning guy can really throw.

2. Seattle (4)

Close to wrapping up home field in the NFC.

3. Chicago (5)

Hard to believe, but the Bears have an offense.

4. Jacksonville (9)

Play the Jags, bring the ice bags.

5. Cincinnati (3)

So far, so good with Carson Palmer.

6. Atlanta (6)

Two-pronged ground attack works wonders.

7. Ravens (7)

Ray Lewis has something to brag about again.

8. Pittsburgh (1)

Playing Ben Roethlisberger was a macho mistake.

9. New England (8)

Hey, Bill Belichick, lighten up, will you?

10. San Diego (13)

Taunted the Titans like a playground bully.

11. N.Y. Giants (10)

Comeback vs. the Eagles is still hard to believe, isn't it?

12. Minnesota (14)

Shows you what good organization can do.

13. Philadelphia (12)

Eagles should be ashamed of themselves.

14. Denver (15)

Almost time to bring in Jay Cutler.

15. Dallas (17)

Doctors tightened the screws on T.O.

16. Carolina (11)

Trick play on a punt return? Dumb move.

17. New Orleans (22)

Saints go marching home unbeaten.

18. Buffalo (26)

Herd mentality helps the Bills beat the heat.

19. Arizona (21)

Will Cardinals ever be more than mediocre?

20. St. Louis (19)

Fired Mike Martz may get the last laugh.

21. N.Y. Jets (24)

Not a bad start for a bad team.

22. Miami (16)

They had better beat the Titans.

23. Kansas City (23)

Hardly the team Dick Vermeil left behind.

24. Washington (18)

When does the Redskins' season start?

25. Tampa Bay (20)

Chris Simms is having a horrible start.

26. San Francisco (29)

The Rams must really stink.

27. Detroit (25)

Snore of the Lions.

28. Cleveland (27)

Kellen Winslow upset? What a surprise.

29. Green Bay (30)

Brett Favre might threaten to retire at halftime this week.

30. Tennessee (28)

Forget the Titans.

31. Houston (31)

Plan to close gap on the Colts needs work.

32. Oakland (32)

George Blanda might help.

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