Meagan Linkous, North Harford, field hockey

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September 24, 2006|By BILL FREE

Senior field hockey attackman Meagan Linkous is called a "spitfire" by North Harford coach Lori Mitchell because of the three-year starter's physical style of play. Linkous is a tri-captain this season and was the leading scorer on the team last year. She is also a high-scoring midfielder on the school's lacrosse team.

Do you ever dream about winning the county championship?

Yes, I do. I really want to win the county or the regionals. I think we just need to come together as a team and everyone needs to want it really bad. We have the potential. We all need to just play together and we can do it.

What would you do if you won the county title?

I'd just be really excited and then want to go on to win the regionals. Then, if we won that, we'd probably have to play Severna Park for the 3A state championship. They're really good.

Do you ever replay a game in your mind?

Well, like last year we almost beat Fallston and we haven't beaten them in a long time. I think about beating them because we could have, losing 2-1 in overtime. I don't know why they're so good. They've just always been good.

Did you ever score the winning goal?

Last year I scored in overtime against North East-Cecil to win, 2-1. I was just excited we won because we had gone into overtime a lot last year, and this time we beat a top team.

Why do you think field hockey hasn't become a bigger spectator sport?

Probably because a lot of people don't really understand the game, and probably the whistle blows a lot and stuff, and so people might think it's boring. There's a lot of stopping. Every time the ball hits somebody's foot, they stop. If they would let more go, it would be a faster game. I guess they do it for safety.

Do you like football?

Yes, I do like football. The Ravens are my favorite team. They really look good this year. The defense looks good and everything.

Would you play pro field hockey, if they had such a thing?

I'm going to play lacrosse in college at UMBC on a lacrosse scholarship. I'm a midfielder and often take the draws.

Any special hobbies?

Rather than field hockey, I play lacrosse all the time because it's faster. I play men's lacrosse all summer. It's like a club team.

What did you think the first time you saw field hockey played?

When I was young I always thought field hockey looked fun. They didn't start field hockey around here until I was in the sixth grade. I started to play then because I thought it was fun. I played soccer and field hockey up until the eighth grade. Then I had to pick for high school and I chose field hockey.

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