Quintin Miller, Bowling Brook, football

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September 24, 2006|By BILL FREE

Bowling Brook senior two-way lineman Quintin Miller, 6 feet 2, 280 pounds, is the small prep school's first major Division I-A recruit. Temple and Penn State have expressed interest in Miller, who is from Pittsburgh and is a big Steelers fan.

What is your ultimate dream in football?

Go all the way. Just to be on an NFL franchise. Any team.

What separates the Steelers from other NFL teams?

I would say the fans. They're like our 12th man. They're great.

Do you have a favorite college?

Wherever I can go to get a good education.

Do you prefer offensive or defensive line?

Defensive line. I like tackle and end. It just seems like a big hit on defense gets the crowd and team into the game. All these "oohs" and "aahs" you get on offense - touchdown passes, running backs running all these yards - they get all the fame. When it's really the offensive line doing all the work. Defense, you get to really do the hitting to make people recognize you.

What was watching your first Ravens game Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium like?

I really liked watching all those hard hits on defense on the big screen. I'd been to the Ravens' practice facility once but never to the stadium.

Are you in organized weightlifting?

Yes. I finished second in the Maryland state bench-press competition with a 360-pound lift. It's a lot of fun.

Do you have any special hobbies?

I like to write poetry. I wrote a poem when my aunt passed away three years ago. In my early life, we didn't really bond. But I ended up staying with her and moving with her when my mom and I weren't quite seeing eye to eye. I moved with my aunt and she got real sick. She was a diabetic. Everybody knew it [death] was coming. She was 43.

How much time a week do you spend working out, outside of football?

Every week, I run a lot. It helps me as far as staying in shape. I just like it. I run about three miles.

Did you ever want to quit playing football?

I actually did want to quit when I was around 13 and going to junior high. My dad [William Timbers] is real big on football. He's 6-5 and over 300 pounds, and had a tryout with the Saints. My dad was pressuring me to play football and play football. Once he was just telling me I was going to play football, I kind of got bought out on it. I was young and wanted to do other things, like be lazy, be a kid. It was a commitment. I kept on playing, though, because I started getting recruited out of Woodland Hills in Pittsburgh, and made the varsity as a freshman. They were No. 17 in the nation. People in my family also told me how important it was to get a free education.

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