Harford History

September 24, 2006

"Witness our hands this 23rd day of September 1775. We whose names are subscribed do hereby enroll ourselves into a company of militia ... and we do promise and engage that we will respectively march to such places of this province ... to fight against whomever we shall be commanded."

With this pronouncement, freemen and freeholders of Harford County between the ages of 15 and 60 joined Company No. 3 under the command of Capt. Charles Anderson. One of more than 17 companies formed in accordance with the recommendation of the Provincial Assembly in Annapolis, the group of 64 was made up of recruits, substitutes and drafts.

Along with Captain Anderson, the company was commanded by two lieutenants and an ensign.

[Source: History of Harford County, Maryland by Walter W. Preston; research by Harford County Public Library]

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