September 24, 2006

THE ISSUE: -- The Giant Food supermarket at Wilde Lake Village Center will close Sept. 28. How will this affect the community? What is the best way to use the soon-to-be vacant space?

Departure will have a substantial impact

After 39 years, the Wilde Lake Village Giant will be closing. The sudden departure of our commercial food retailer will have a substantial impact on the daily lives of residents, village merchants and all who rely on our local grocer to deliver their daily needs.

The Wilde Lake Village Board has coordinated with village merchants to supply soft and hard goods from their shops. Transportation to neighboring supermarkets is being made available, including the coordination and delivery of bulk purchasing options.

This loss presents a revitalization opportunity, for a like kind merchant to transform the village green as a destination location. The board is pressing Kimco Reality Corp., village center owner, to intensify efforts to obtain a comparable tenant to stave off impending losses and minimize years of down time. No one wants the site sitting unoccupied, and no one wants the village green to be less vibrant than Wilde Lake as a collective. The glass is truly half full.

Rhoda Toback


The writer is chairwoman of the Wilde Lake Village Board.

The convenience of a local store

I have been a Wilde Lake resident for 35 plus years and have shopped at the Giant very often. It is so convenient when you are in the area. Most of the items I purchase at the grocery store these days, I can buy there.

If not, I go to another store! I love the convenience of having a local store.

Ann Poltilove


Our needs are met, and staff is helpful

Our family moved to Longfellow in Harper's Choice in July of 1968. Since then, the Wilde Lake Giant has been the place where I (and our family) have done most of our shopping. It meets our needs, is close by, and the staff is very helpful. I feel like they are my friends!

Produce Galore was close by and was nice in the beginning of our early years, but is no longer of use. ... It is expensive, and we do not need all of their ready-made foods.

Safeway at Harper's Choice, which is probably where I will be forced to shop, is nice but much too large and usually freezing cold (I always bring a sweater).

As to ideas for the use of the Wilde Lake Giant space, I can't think of any need.

We would only come to Slayton House to see monthly films and art exhibits.

Nancy Kramer


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