September 24, 2006

ISSUE: -- In the wake of increasing complaints from parents and school board members about the prevalence of inappropriately dressed students, Harford County school officials are stepping up enforcement of the dress code.

Some students think the dress code is too stringent, but administrators say it's about setting limits on what is appropriate attire for the school environment.

Are school officials overreacting with their increased enforcement of the dress code?

Uniforms would benefit education

I think it's about time Harford schools had a dress code, for the following reasons:

1. School is not about fashion.

2. School is not about who has the cutest, most revealing, or most disgusting outfit.

3. Our nation is in urgent need of educated people.

4. Loving children means setting standards. Teachers and parents are not in a popularity contest with the kids.

My suggestions would be to have all the children in uniforms with no jewelry and no makeup. With the shiny baubles out of the way maybe they, the students, would be able to concentrate. Another reason for uniforms is economy. Think of all the money which could be saved and also students who come from lower-income families would be the same as everyone else.

Yes, the kids will scream. Let them. In another year it will all blow over and maybe some learning will take place.

Mary Rita Park Kingsville

Dress code is tolerable

The dress code in Harford County schools seems tolerable. It beats wearing uniforms and allows us to express ourselves and tells other people about who we are. Some of the rules are a little strict like the length or tightness of clothes. You wear what you would feel comfortable in and not be embarrassed by what you wear.

Philip Fragoso St. Sebastian Court

Uniforms prevent unsightly choices

I am a senior at Harford Technical High School. The dress code has been an issue for YEARS. A simple way to solve this situation is ... school uniforms. I would prefer to have school uniforms hands-down to an absurd and overbearing school dress code. If all of Harford County had school uniforms there would be no need for so many rules. I agree with the rules now, but not many students really follow them.

If we had school uniforms no one would have to see some of the unsightly things we deal with from day to day. Personally, I'm tired of seeing girls tromp around in teeny-tiny skirts and shorts. And don't let me forget about the boys. What is the point of wearing pants if they are going to be past your knees? And even though their shirts are down to their knees as well somehow I always seem to be staring at boys' boxers poking out of their pants. WEAR A BELT! I really don't need to be distracted by these half-naked people.

I know for myself I spend at least $1,000 on my clothes per year. It is a bad habit that I cannot seem to break because it seems like I ALWAYS need more clothes! If I were to have a school uniform five out of the seven days in a week would be covered.

And please, ladies and gentlemen, it's not that big of a deal. You are still able to "express yourself" all you want by accessorizing and presenting yourself however you want IN your school uniform. There is no need to have girls and boys wearing things too tight and too loose for no reason. We can and should have this changed. Just enforce Harford County public schools to have school uniforms.

Kelsie Cook Whiteford

Answer: Check with Grandma

As a student in the Harford County public school system, I would like to inform you that the amount of controversy that has been generated over the new dress code is ridiculous. On the first day of school this year teachers were required to waste valuable class time (which could have been put to better use) explaining every new detail that had been added to the dress code.

This year the section in the student agenda books regarding the dress code took up 2 1/2 pages. (It is important to note that the section about the honor code only didn't even take up a whole page.)

Personally, I believe that I have come up with a solution to the dress code issue that will save the school board a lot of time and grief. Next year the dress code should simply read, "If you wouldn't wear it in front of your grandmother, don't wear it to school."

Jeremy Robilotta Abingdon

The dress code is ridiculous

I am a senior who attends Harford Technical High School. Recently there have been complaints from many people concerning the dress code. I believe the dress code is ridiculous. You say you have the right to express yourself and some people do that through their clothing.

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