Trouble in paradise: `Haven' a muddled mess

Review D-

September 22, 2006|By Michael Phillips | Michael Phillips,Chicago Tribune

All the jumpy, hopscotch-style editing in the world can't save Haven, a blow- and weed-scented drama written and directed by young Cayman Islands native Frank E. Flowers.

It's one of those fragmented narratives, the curse of the success of Pulp Fiction and Crash, wherein we see in passing somebody throwing up on a lawn, and then a half-hour later in flashback it's revealed who the puker is and why he's upchucking. I don't know about you, but when I see someone hurling I want immediate identification.

Haven (Yari Film Group) Starring Orlando Bloom, Bill Paxton, Zoe Saldana. Directed by Frank E. Flowers. Rated R. Time 98 minutes.

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