Knoxville, crew are up to old tricks

Review C

September 22, 2006|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,Sun movie critic

Jackass Number Two is crude, disgusting, lowbrow comedy, a relentlessly (and proudly) scatological ode to the kind of high jinks that seem screamingly funny in direct proportion to the amount of liquor one has imbibed.

The movie is 95 minutes of pranks and stunts, a bunch of guys doing dangerous stuff (riding in jet-propelled shopping carts), disgusting stuff (most of which I couldn't describe without getting fired), outrageous stuff (a guy persuades his obese father to get out of bed in the middle of the night and let another obese guy cuddle up to his unsuspecting mother), and just-plain stupid stuff (getting branded).

Jackass Number Two (Paramount) Starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera. Directed by Jeff Tremaine. Rated R. Time 95 minutes.

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