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Monday Morning Qb


September 18, 2006|By Ken Murray

No guarantees

When will players realize that guaranteeing a victory is a foolhardy venture at best? Detroit receiver Roy Williams made one of those silly guarantees last week and then the Lions were flogged by the Bears, 34-7. Think anyone wants to hear more predictions from Williams?

Vick runs free

The Falcons appear content to let quarterback Michael Vick (above) do his thing. Vick passed only sporadically yesterday (15 times for 92 yards), but rushed for 127 yards and a touchdown, beating the Buccaneers to the corner nearly every time. It was the sixth 100-yard rushing game of Vick's career.

Holding a grudge

The cold war between Patriots coach Bill Belichick and rookie Jets coach Eric Mangini should enrich the teams' bizarre rivalry. After his Patriots escaped the Meadowlands with a 24-17 win, Belichick gave Mangini a cursory handshake and sloughed away. Belichick can hold a grudge as well as anyone, it seems.

What about Volek?

As poorly as Kerry Collins has played for Tennessee, it'll be interesting to see if the Titans trade quarterback Billy Volek to the Chargers, as rumored. Volek was demoted right before the season and wants to play for another team. The Titans weren't about to trade him to the Chargers before yesterday's game, however. Now they might.

Bengals go deep

The Bengals played without receiver T.J. Houshmanzadah and offensive tackle Levi Jones and still had no trouble beating up the Browns, 34-17. Chris Henry, who was arrested four times between December and June, filled in admirably for Houshmanzadah with five catches for 113 yards.

Putrid Pack

If the Packers can't beat the Saints at Lambeau Field in their home opener, whom can they beat? Green Bay whipped the Saints, 52-3, last year, and had a 13-0 lead in the first quarter yesterday. The Packers play in Detroit next week for the right to the NFC North basement.

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