Keys to the game Scoring in the red zone The Redskins...

September 17, 2006

Keys to the game

Scoring in the red zone

The Redskins would be 1-0 had they been able to make a few plays inside the Minnesota 20-yard line Monday night. Have they gotten that far in Al Saunders' playbook yet?

Stopping Owens isn't the only issue

Terrell Owens is not the only potential headache for the mistake-prone secondary. Terry Glenn burned the Redskins for six catches and 157 yards, including a 70-yard touchdown, in their first meeting last year.

Coming down to a kick

It could be interesting if the game is left to kickers John Hall and Mike Vanderjagt. Hall made his first three field-goal attempts Monday, but missed a 48-yarder to tie. Vanderjagt is still trying to put away the demons from his last kick in Indianapolis during last season's playoffs.

[Don Markus]


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