Points after -- Rick Maese O's reading -- Last week...

September 17, 2006

Points after -- Rick Maese

O's reading -- Last week, ESPN.com printed a 2,000-word article that showed the rest of the country just how far the Orioles have fallen in the past decade. The same day, Press Box, the sports weekly that has been a nice addition to the city's news racks, used 3,500 words to illustrate why the team has struggled. In a Q&A with the team owner, Peter Angelos touches on a lot of topics, but one answer is particularly memorable. Asked why other small-market teams, such as the Minnesota Twins, Florida Marlins and Oakland Athletics, have found success recently, Angelos said, "The only answer I can give you is better luck, as well as more astute general manager performance."

Or maybe ... -- In related news, there's a protest scheduled for this week in which fans will suggest that luck isn't the problem; the owner is. A few thousand fans will walk out of Thursday's game against the Detroit Tigers, their way of symbolically telling the world that Baltimore is ready for new ownership.

Roughing the kicker -- Police now say they're searching for a second suspect in the bizarre stabbing of the starting punter at Northern Colorado. Suspect No. 1 was the backup punter, but apparently he had help. Anyone seen Jeff Gillooly lately?

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