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September 17, 2006

WORLD Pope Benedict expresses regret

With furor spreading throughout the Islamic world, Pope Benedict XVI expressed deep regret yesterday that a speech he gave at a German university last week had offended Muslims. However, the pope did not retract the words or ask for forgiveness. pg 21a

U.S. urges banking crackdown

The United States pressed the top finance officials of the world's leading industrial nations yesterday to crack down on what Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. said was the exploitation of their banking systems by at least 30 Iranian front companies involved in illicit activities. pg 21a


New election plans ordered

Linda H. Lamone, the state's embattled elections chief, ordered Baltimore and three counties yesterday to immediately craft plans and take actions -- including the firing of tardy election judges in the city - to fix the problems that crippled Tuesday's primary election. pg 1a

High honors for researchers

Carol Greider of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Joseph Gall of the Carnegie Institution in Homewood have won the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award. The prize, nicknamed the "American Nobel," is the most prestigious in American medicine. pg 1a


New Orleans renters struggling

As billions in housing aid begin to flow into New Orleans in the next few weeks, most of it will go to homeowners. But with rent up an average of 39 percent since Hurricane Katrina, the city has announced that it plans to refurbish only a small fraction of its traditional public housing units. pg 3a

E. coli contamination studied

Packaged spinach continued to disappear from foodstore shelves across the country yesterday as government researchers searched for the source of bacterial contamination that has sickened at least 94 people in 20 states and caused one death. pg 3a


St. Agnes looks for efficiencies

Staff at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore are employing a practice known as Lean Management to cut costs, reduce patient waiting times and improve safety. Lean Management, perfected by automaker Toyota, is one of several techniques used by American corporations to improve work flow and trim expenses. pg 1d


Ravens face Raiders today

The Ravens say they'll be focused on merely winning - rather than accomplishing the rare feat of registering back-to-back shutouts - when they face the Oakland Raiders today at M&T Bank Stadium. pg 1e


Sisters and connoisseurs

Sisters Naomi Greenberg-Slovin and Vivienne Shub bring the story of Baltimore's art-collecting Cone sisters to the stage. In the early 20th century, the Cones' walls held works - now at the Baltimore Museum of Art- by then-unknown Picasso, Gauguin, Renoir and Cezanne. pg 1f


Ride the rails to Florida

Headed to Florida but afraid to fly? Board Amtrak's Auto Train in Virginia and drive away 18 hours later. The only requirement for taking the train is that you bring a vehicle. Most people bring a lot more. pg 1r

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