Call in statistics

September 16, 2006

For football — The Sun is compiling statistics for football, boys and girls soccer, field hockey and volleyball to be published on Wednesdays, starting Sept. 27. Coaches or team statisticians should call 410-332-6786 or 800-829-8000, ext. 6786, on Friday and Saturday (until 11 p.m.), or send an e-mail to Here's how to do it: Start by giving the sport, your name and phone number, and your school. Please give your leaders only and make sure to spell out the names. Here's the breakdown:

For football - rushing: attempts, yards, average, touchdowns; passing: attempts, completions, percentage, yards, interceptions, touchdowns; receptions: total, yards, average per catch, touchdowns; scoring: touchdowns, extra points, field goals, total.

For field hockey, boys and girls soccer - scoring: games played, goals, assists, total; goalkeepers: games played, goals against, saves, saves percentage (divide the saves by the combined total of saves and goals against).

For volleyball - kills: games played, kills, average; serving percentage: serve attempts, serves made, percentage; assists: games played, assists, average; digs: games played, total, average per game.

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