you're such a critic

You're such a critic

September 15, 2006

THE QUESTION If you have been to the movies lately, you know about some of the coming movies this year. What is on your list of must-see films this fall and why?


The sixth installment of the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa [which is due out in December]. I have loved every single Rocky film and have been jones-ing for at least one more to wrap it all up for about 16 years now.

The trailers give me those goose bumps that make me bite my nails with anticipation. Once you hear that music, forget about it. I can't wait for that movie. Sylvester Stallone is way underrated as an actor and a writer anyway.


THE NEXT QUESTION The Rock stars in Gridiron Gang, which opens today. What's your favorite movie that stars The Rock?

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