A `High and Mighty' effort

Gov't Mule to perform at Warner Theatre in D.C. tomorrow

September 14, 2006|By Marc Shapiro | Marc Shapiro,Sun Reporter

Warren Haynes, lead singer and guitarist of Gov't Mule, sings what might be the four most introspective words of his career. On "Child of the Earth," in his bluesy drawl, he sings "wisdom comes from despair."

This truly applies to Gov't Mule, which almost broke up after founding bassist Allen Woody died six years ago. But Haynes has replaced sorrow with triumph now that Gov't Mule has released what he considers the band's best record, August's High & Mighty. The album, which is the band's seventh studio album, is the second from the current lineup of the band. The group is at D.C.'s Warner Theatre tomorrow. "The chemistry of the band has reached a point with [keyboardist] Danny [Louis] and [bassist] Andy [Hess] where it's consistently very, very high." Haynes said, referring to the musicians who joined him and drummer Matt Abts a few years ago. "After Woody died, we weren't sure we'd ever get back to that point."

Gov't Mule performs at 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Warner Theatre, 513 13th St. N.W., Washington. Tickets are $32. Call 410-547-SEAT or visit ticketmaster.com.

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