Not so fast on quick hook for Perlozzo

September 13, 2006|By RICK MAESE

When it's not even mid-September and you're closer to the bottom than the top, every step and every move is geared toward the future. It's a time of evaluation, and for a struggling team like the Orioles, not a single person on the payroll should escape some shrewd appraisal.

Sam Perlozzo sat in the dugout and confronted microphones yesterday, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his merits as a manager had been a hot Internet topic all month. Anyone with a mouse and a screen name seems to have an opinion about Perlozzo's future as Orioles manager.

Red Sox @Orioles

Tonight, 7:05, CSN, 1090 AM Starters: Red Sox's Tim Wakefield (7-8, 4.14) vs. Orioles' Erik Bedard (13-9, 3.91)

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