The Week That Was

September 10, 2006

Hopkins deciphers tumor DNA

In a step that could lead to new ways of detecting and treating cancer, Johns Hopkins researchers reported that they had deciphered the genetic code of breast and colon tumors.

City schools change promotion policy

Baltimore public school pupils in grades three through eight are no longer required to earn a minimum score on a standardized test to be promoted to the next grade. But city school officials say they have not lowered standards or reverted to social promotion, a policy that allows students to be promoted regardless of academic performance.

Rochambeau granted a reprieve

The 100-year-old Rochambeau apartment building got a last-minute reprieve from the wrecking ball when the chief judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals put on indefinite hold the demolition planned by the Archdiocese of Baltimore to replace it with a prayer garden.

Aquarium moves to cut costs

Reacting to higher than expected operating costs for its new Australia exhibit and a nationwide dip in consumer spending on entertainment, the National Aquarium in Baltimore has announced a hiring freeze and other money-saving measures to cut costs by $2 million annually.

Avian flu is found in Maryland

Avian flu has been detected in mallard ducks on a farm on the Eastern Shore, though officials caution that the low-pathogenic strain poses no risk to humans and is not the type that has been blamed for more than 140 deaths around the world.

Johns Hopkins opens new dorm

More than 600 Johns Hopkins University students moved into the new $60 million two-tower Charles Commons dormitory complex in Charles Village, part of a larger development project that officials hope will transform the neighborhood into a vibrant "college town."

Alternative fuels in Anne Arundel

Anne Arundel County will research the viability of converting horse manure, wood waste and gas emissions from landfills into electricity and fuel for cars - the first effort of its kind in Maryland, state agricultural officials said.

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