Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

September 10, 2006

Harford needs wise voting

Having served on the county's Planning Advisory Board for four years, it is my hope that voters will realize the importance of their vote this election cycle. The county government is revamping our zoning code. [Military base realignment] is here. Comprehensive rezoning also will be on the county's agenda once again.

We have three seats on the seven-member County Council up for grabs. It only takes four votes to make things happen. There will be a least three members who will be new at the job.

Council President Robert Wagner must remain. He is a consensus-builder, understands controlled growth and knows where the development envelope is. He is not a rubber stamp for the development empire. His office door has always remained open to the citizen. He's been a team player for the people.

Wagner protected the communities of Abingdon, Joppa, Foster Branch, Magnolia and Gravel Hill against the onslaught of rubble dumps. He played an important role in legislation designed to preserve farmland in the early '90s. Harford's Farmland Preservation Program has become a model for the rest of the country.

It is also my hope that Val Twanmoh, Joan Morrissey Ward and Mary Ann Lisanti will win seats on the council. They have shown an excellent knowledge and understanding on land-use issues.

My thanks goes to Dion Guthrie. He beefed up the Adequate Public Facilities law that stopped the herding of our students into crowded schools, much to the chagrin of the development industry. His town meetings have been outstanding. With the help of Pat Barth, he has kept the community well informed. He needs to be re-elected.

Please vote wisely on Tuesday.

Robert D. Dillon

The writer is a co-founder of Friends of Harford and president of the Joppa Magnolia Community Association.

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