Arundel History

September 10, 2006

The quintessential Maryland gentleman, landowner and slaveholder Charles Carroll of Carrollton was born to immense wealth in Annapolis on Sept. 19, 1737.

He had the best of everything, including a European tour abroad as a young man, a legal education at the Inns of Court in London and a 10,000-acre estate waiting when he returned home at the age of 28.

In his late 30s, he was a leading revolutionary in colonial Annapolis, making his lavish home a center of society and political ferment. Descended from Irish Catholics, Carroll was one of the few Catholic signers of the Declaration of Independence and the longest-lived of the signers.

He died in 1832 after investing in the founding of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

[Source: Sun archives, library researcher Paul McCardell.]

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