A look at the candidates in District 35B

September 10, 2006

David E. Carey

Date of birth: April 12, 1964 Party affiliation: Democrat Professional experience: Attorney; commissioner of Bel Air, 1997-present; mayor of Bel Air, 2002, 2004, 2005; Harford County Democratic Central Committee, 1998-2002 (chairman, 2001-02) Education: Dulaney High School; College of Wooster (Ohio); University of Baltimore School of Law Personal: Married; president, Maryland Municipal League, 2006. Served on BRAC Planning Advisory Council (2006)

What is the most important issue facing Harford County?

In the last few years, ruthless, violent gangs from the West Coast and elsewhere have gained a foothold in our county and threaten our quality of life.

The Bloods, Crips and MS-13 have set up operation here, are targeting our youth and have no regard for our citizens, our homes and our property.

They must be stopped now.

What statewide issues are you eager to address as a delegate in coming sessions?

I want to introduce "Little RICO" legislation that will permit prosecution of gang crimes in the same way organized crime is prosecuted.

For instance, with Little RICO in place, not only would the 16-year-old Bloods member who murdered the father of nine in Edgewood be prosecuted, but the Bloods members who ordered him to commit a murder in order to join the Bloods could be prosecuted as well.

Unfortunately, while the 16-year-old is in prison, those who ordered the murder are still walking our streets.

How can Harford's delegation help the county deal with issues related to growth associated with expansion at Aberdeen Proving Ground?

Adding the new residents coming to APG to the overwhelming growth we have already experienced has the potential to further crowd our schools, choke our streets with traffic and degrade the environment.

We may not be able to stop the growth but we can preserve as much of the remaining, undeveloped land as possible, especially in the Route 24 and 543 corridors.

Our delegation to Annapolis should ensure that Harford County gets the share of preservation funds that it deserves, and not stand idly by while it is doled out to other jurisdictions.

Much has been made of the need for school construction funding. Is the present delegation equipped to help the county meet that need?

The present delegation has proven that it is unable to bring back Harford County's rightful share of school construction funding.

The new $50 million Patterson Mill High School/Middle School complex is almost complete, and we don't have the money to pay for it. New leadership is needed to prevent this much-needed school from becoming an albatross around the neck of future generations. We need legislators who can go to Annapolis and stand up for Harford County.

Susan K. McComas

Incumbent Date of birth: April 3, 1951 Party affiliation: Republican Education: Central High School, the Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado, University of Wyoming Professional experience: Attorney, private practice, general practice of law; House of Delegates, 2002 to present; Bel Air town commissioner, 1987-2002, including three stints as mayor, 1998-2002; District Court commissioner, 1983-85. Personal: Married for 27 years; has lived in the Bel Air for 25 years

What is the most important issue facing Harford County?

Maintaining our high quality of life in the midst of the inevitable growth from BRAC is the County's greatest challenge as well as opportunity.

The delegation plays a supporting role and shall work with the County Executive and Council to make it work. Growth is inevitable, but the quality of growth is in the hands of local government and the citizenry. I want to see the delegation work with our local government partners and our constituents to help them plan and sculpt our communities so that we can proudly say, "We call Harford County -- Home."

What statewide issues are you eager to address as a delegate in coming sessions?

Harford County needs public/private partnerships for expanded capital and infrastructure requirements due to BRAC.

We should work with our federal representatives to modify the federal tax code to make these partnerships financially attractive and available for various business entities.

Health insurance mandates need to be revised to expand consumer options and reduce insurance premiums and expand insurance risk pools. Maryland should pass an anti-racketeering bill to prosecute criminal enterprises, gangs, auto theft rings and drug cartels.

How can Harford's delegation help the county deal with issues related to growth associated with expansion at Aberdeen Proving Ground?

We can educate and lobby state agencies for assistance and work to change various formulas for state funds to accurately reflect the County's needs, as opposed to the decades use of political formulas that do not accurately reflect the needs of vibrant and growing communities.

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