September 10, 2006

Rosapepe worked hard for Clinton

The Sept. 3 article about the 21st District state Senate race quoted Jim Rosapepe's opponent criticizing his service in the Clinton administration with no response from those of us who served with him. The truth is that, as U.S. ambassador to Romania, Jim was a hard-charging advocate for President Clinton's foreign policy agenda. No one should be surprised that he ruffled some bureaucratic feathers. The bottom line is that he successfully served Clinton and did a great job.

John Podesta Washington, D.C.

The writer is a former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton.

Intelligent design position explained

A recent article in your paper quoted me as saying I am for the teaching of intelligent design in public schools. I have never made such a claim and it is not to be found anywhere in any of my campaign literature or speeches. My position stated when asked by your reporter is that this is not an issue that will come up in our state legislature. When she persisted in the question, I responded that, while I could see it making for a great lively debate in a debate class, I have no position on it being taught in school.

Ron George Arnold

Editor's note: George is a candidate for state delegate in District 30. In an interview with The Sun, when asked about teaching intelligent design in the classroom, he responded: "There is not a problem with teaching that theory." He went on to say it shouldn't be taught as a fact, but presented as a theory, in a debate class for example.

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