Need inspiration at work? Brighten up your cubicle

September 09, 2006|By Carol McGraw | Carol McGraw,McClatchy-Tribune

What does your office cubicle look like? Dull? Drab? Messy? Uninspiring?

It doesn't have to be that way. How about turning your little piece of the office into a "tikicube" complete with a hula-skirted desk, a wall that depicts a sea scene, faux coral branches, a potted palm, a rattan rug and, of course, a small plastic gyrating hula dancer?

Or if you'd rather sleep than surf, how about a "napcube" with midnight blue walls with stars, a collection of alarm clocks, a cereal dispenser, and fluffy pillows and a mat casually tossed on the floor underneath your desk?

If the boss is willing to let you run wild with the decor or you want to spruce up your home office, take a look at Cubechic: Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab (Quirk Books, $15.95) by Seattle home and garden writer Kelley Moore.

"The beleaguered work cubicle, the subject of so many jokes, presents a proverbial blank canvas," Moore writes.

Consider these inspirations to help you be a bit more creative with your workspace, which, in turn, might inspire you to be more creative in your work.

The zencube: Glue some bamboo to the wall, add a desktop sand garden, copper fountain, feng shui candles and floor lamp with lanternlike shades to eliminate negative energy.

Golfcube: Use artificial turf as wallpaper. Add a few golf balls in a jar, and set your clubs in a corner.

Indiacube: Drape red and saffron silk saris for wall coverings. Cover the desk in gold lame, add some brass accessories and carved wood bookends.

Librarycube: Cover shelves and walls with faux crocodile leather, turn a humidor into a catch-all for paperclips, etc., cover desk with green faux leather. Accessorize with a brass coat rack, derby hat, a green-glass library-table lamp.

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