Curran tries again with anti-smoking message

September 08, 2006|By Tom Dunkel | Tom Dunkel,sun reporter

Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. has been doing a slow burn.

Two years ago, he and a group of fellow attorneys general asked Hollywood executives to insert anti-smoking messages into DVDs and videos of any movie that depicts people lighting up. All they got in return was lip service.

Yesterday, the retiring Curran, joined by 40 attorneys general, sent a follow-up letter to 13 studio heads. This time, he enclosed three public service announcements produced by the American Legacy Foundation. That's the stop-smoking group founded with money from the landmark class action lawsuit the states won against the tobacco industry.

"I hope we've made an offer that the studios will be happy to accept," says Curran.

Now, he only has to find a way to keep viewers from reaching for the fast-forward button on their DVD players.

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