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Andy Rourke

September 07, 2006|By Sam Sessa | Sam Sessa,Sun Reporter

Former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke will be in town Wednesday, DJing at Mosaic in Power Plant Live for a charity event. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation.

What can people expect you to play?

I play a lot of indie classics like the Pixies, Iggy Pop, some Manchester music. ... It's classic tunes really, you have Rolling Stones, Beatles songs. ... Whatever tickles my fancy, really.

Do people expect you to play Smiths songs?

I don't know if people expect it, but people tend to request it a lot. I don't see any harm in playing that stuff. I enjoy seeing people dancing around and going nuts to it.

Do you spin vinyl or CDs or use an iPod?

CDs and a laptop, just because it's easier to carry around, because the airports are a nightmare now -- a pain in the [butt] now that they've got such security. I just bring a laptop with me.

What other side projects are you working on right now? I know you do something on XFM Manchester.

Yeah, I DJ there when I'm not away. I do Saturday nights 7 p.m. till 10 p.m., a show called the Weekender. If you're getting ready to go out, just to get people vibed up and in the mood, or if you're just staying in, stay in and have a party -- pretty much whatever I play when I'm out and about, again, indie classics and stuff. Well-known songs that people instantly recognize and can jump around to and enjoy.

Any particular reason why indie?

It's just the music that I like, really. I just play music that I know and I love and am kind of knowledgeable about. I don't really see the point in playing stuff that I don't know and don't understand. I just stick with stuff that I understand.

Are you working on any band side projects?

Myself and Mani from the Stone Roses and Peter Hook from New Order, we've got this project called Freebass. It's a little bit Spinal Tap -- it's got three bass players, so we called it Freebass.

Do you guys play shows in England?

We haven't got to that stage yet. We're just at the demo stage. ... We were quite choosy about finding a singer who could a) sing well and b) could write interesting lyrics. That took us a while, but we found one six or seven months ago. I think we've all agreed to take December and January out and spend a couple months on the Freebass thing and try to get some product out in the spring.

Are you and Morrissey on good terms?

I wouldn't say good terms and I wouldn't say bad terms. ... Through choice, he's kind of un-contactable. [He] changed his phone number, and if he chooses not to send me his phone number, then that's his choice. Not good terms, not bad terms. It's just kind of no terms at the moment.

Mosaic hosts a DJ set with Andy Rourke on Wednesday. The event runs 9 p.m.-2 a.m. in the Power Plant Live plaza. Tickets are $10. 21 and older. DJ LoveGrove opens. Call 410-262-8713 or visit myspace.com/mosaiclounge.

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