Meet The Band

September 07, 2006|By SAM SESSA

Hometown -- Baltimore

Current members --Josh Korel, vocals; Finch Flores, guitars and vocals; Anthony Williams, drums and vocals; Mike Harker, guitar; Eric Flores, bass and vocals

Founded in --2005

Style --post-punk and hardcore

Influenced by --The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Atreyu, Converge

Notable --The band recorded a four-song EP late last year, and a new album is in the works. In April, they set out on a two-week tour to Florida in a cramped, stinky Winnebego.

Quotable --"It was awesome, besides the fact it smelled like gas," Finch Flores said. "That kind of ruined it. There were two beds - a full size and another full size, but we had six, seven people. So somebody had to sleep on the floor. I slept on the floor one night and seriously got sick from it. ... It smelled like a gas tank all night. ... It was, like, leaking gas. It was crazy."

Hear Haddonfield on Monday at Fletcher's, 701 S. Bond St. The music starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $5. Call 410-558-1889 or visit fletchersbar.com. Information about the band: myspace.com/haddonfield.


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