U.S. Senate candidate profiles

September 06, 2006

These profiles were compiled from information provided by candidates to the League of Women Voters of Maryland and The Sun's editorial board. In most cases, candidates responded to both the league and the newspaper; in other instances, they responded to just one.

The League of Women Voters asked the following questions: Energy: What actions should the federal government take to reduce dependence on fossil fuels; Immigration: What sort of immigration policy do you support? Foreign policy: How can the United States best deal with international terrorism? Health care: What proposals do you support, if any, to provide a basic level of quality health care at an affordable cost to all U.S. residents. Additional questions and responses can be found on the League of Women Voters' online voters' guide at www.lwvmd.org/vg, with information on local, state and federal candidates.

The Sun's editorial board asked the following questions: Energy: Is the current U.S. energy policy adequate? If not, what changes would you support? Immigration: Discuss your views on immigration reform, particularly with regard to undocumented aliens already in this country. Iraq: What further investment - monetary and military - if any, should the United States make in Iraq? When should U.S. troops leave Iraq? Health care: How would you address the growing gap between Americans who have adequate health care insurance and those who don't? Additional questions and responses can be found under the candidate questionnaire link at www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion.

Photographs were obtained by The Sun.

Three other candidates will appear on the ballot but did not respond to either The Sun or the League of Women Voters: Democrats Bob Robinson, Theresa C. Scaldaferri and Charles Ulysses Smith.


Ray Bly

Date of birth -- June 26, 1949

Residence -- Jessup

Education -- Associate's degree, Howard Community College

Professional background -- Manager of Ray's Used Appliances, Jessup.

Energy -- We need to bring back streetcars in major cities. We should have monorails between major cities, such as between Baltimore and Washington. We need to bring back mass transit, ... which would cut our dependence in half on foreign oil. I would support building designated lines for MARC trains.

Health care -- We need national health care. Foreign countries spend half of what we have on health care, but they have better health care than we do.

Immigration -- I think they should relax immigration rules and let more people come here, but kick out all the people who are here illegally. We should start fining and putting people in jail that hire them. Let the legal people who want to come here, who are honest, hardworking people.

Iraq -- We should not have gone into Iraq. Iraq was the freest Muslim country, especially for women. They only person there who ever controlled things was Saddam Hussein. We should put him back in power. It was a free country under him, compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria - for women, and for religion.

Earl S. Gordon

Date of birth -- Nov. 27, 1949

Residence -- Olney

Education -- Attended college in Canada and Pennsylvania.

Professional experience -- Land surveyor with several engineering companies including Yerkes Associates, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and Czop Associates, Norristown, Pa.; research coordinator for A&D Research in Silver Spring: started own business, Post Management, in 1991.

Energy -- The policy is not adequate. Our government should start the process of constructing an appropriate socioeconomic infrastructure that would have diversified energy sources, including solar power. I would approach scientific and technological America to find a way to utilize solar energy so that we could get 80 percent of our residential and 50 percent of our industrial energy needs from this source by 2020.

Health care -- Require the federal government to implement a socioeconomic plan for the American people that is similar in nature to those in Scandinavian countries, England and Canada. The total reserves and value of the natural resources of America are so great that if the U.S. set aside 30 percent of that wealth each year and invested it in the stock market, this would generate the funds needed to pay for a national health care plan.

Immigration -- The United States is lacking an appropriate refugee policy to deal with people displaced by the socioeconomic disaster created by the pro-American Neo Cons' brutal military-political dictatorships in Central and South America over the past years.

Iraq -- None. Start [leaving] now and end by July 31, 2007.

Thomas J. Hampton

Date of birth -- Dec. 6, 1953

Residence -- Severna Park

Education -- Bachelor of science, University of Baltimore, 1978

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