Legislative Districts

Howard County

Maryland Votes 2006

September 05, 2006

Sprawl and all its associated issues - from education to transportation to the environment - are, as always, on the minds of Howard County's voters.

District 9A: It's hard to call a pair of incumbents entrenched if one was appointed to his seat only in 2003, but an upstart candidate with no discernible political background is threatening to upset the GOP apple cart in this sprawling district that spreads from Ellicott City to Lisbon. The loner is Melissa Ridgely Covolesky, a former military police officer and a mentor at a residence for homeless teenage mothers. The Republican neophyte candidate is a compassionate voice for immigrants and a proponent of limiting the sprawl that threatens her district. She gets The Sun's endorsement. Of the district's two incumbents, The Sun endorses Del. Gail Bates, a Republican who joined the legislature in 2002 and was named deputy minority whip.

There is no Democratic primary.

District 13: In a district that stretches from Elkridge though Columbia to Laurel, voters face the enviable situation of an excess of good candidates. Democrats pondering who can best represent the district, where growth, transportation and, of course, good schools are the perennial topics, should go with the incumbents: Neil Quinter, Frank S. Turner and Shane Pendergrass. Guy Guzzone was an effective member of the council, but he gives the impression that he views the House of Delegates as a step back from the rigors of running a local government.

There is no Republican contest.

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